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Our Radiology Centre has most sophisticated imaging machines in Singapore so that we can provide excellent imaging services with as little radiation exposure and as much comfort as possible.

  • 1.5 Tesla MR, Magnetom Aera helps to deliver excellent quality care, comfort and overall experience to patient. Equipped with a large 70cm diameter bore, the spaciousness may help to reduce anxiety to patients who are claustrophobic during their scans. The newest generation Tim 4G, offering highest magnet configurations provides higher flexibility, speed and accuracy in scanning.
  • We are the first radiology centre to have the Somatom Drive (Dual Source Low Dose CT)1 installed in Singapore. It allows high pitch and superfast scanning to be performed, improving dose efficiency and reduces motion artifacts. With its unique dual energy x-rays features, it is able to provide added information along with diagnostic values.
  • Advance ultrasound machines with improved imaging performance are available to diagnose a variety of conditions and to assess organs with superior image clarity. Ultrasound imaging (Sonography) is a painless, fast, and easy method to assess various organs and structures. Unlike X-ray exams which use ionizing radiation to create images, ultrasound utilizes high frequency sound waves to obtain real-time images. This make it extremely safe and pregnancy-friendly.
  • The Horizon DXA System features the latest innovations in bone densitometry technology; including a new digital high-resolution ceramic detector array. With InnerCore Visceral Fat Assessment, the Advanced Body Composition assessment is a more comprehensive way to measure body composition. It also provides body fat percentage, total lean mass, bone density, limb comparison for muscle imbalance detection, visceral fat and more.
  • Mammomat Fusion is a premium mammography system catered to enhance breast screening and diagnostics. The innovative new-generation detector technology produces higher resolution images than the older film-based mammography. With its unique features, the machine is able to cater to individual optimal level of compression and improves dose efficiency, reducing the amount of radiation dose require, allowing smooth and fast mammograms to be done without compromising on image quality.


[1]A CT scan (also known as Computerized Tomography scan) is a series of x-ray views taken from multiple angles that are processed digitally to create cross-sectional images of your soft tissues and bones inside your body. The x-ray tube moves around the body part being studied as the table moves the patient through the scanner.

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